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About Daniel Weiss

My work as a therapist is informed by diverse life experiences combined with over 20 years of clinical work with children, adolescents, families, couples, and adults who have been looking for different kinds of help for a wide variety of issues. I pride myself on tailoring my work to fit the needs of my client.

My methods are a mix of techniques with a generally psychodynamic approach. First and foremost, I try to help you feel that we are just having a conversation, to ease your fears about the process of therapy and allow you to speak comfortably about whatever is your challenge. In our first visit I will encourage you to tell me the nature of your problem and what you hope to achieve in our work together. Throughout the therapy, I will help us focus on those goals that we establish together, allowing them to change if that is how the work develops.

I do my best to give control of the therapy to you, as it is your work, while also providing my experience and expertise to help you find your solutions. I am extremely patient and non-judgmental, providing lots of feedback if that helps, and doing lots of listening if that helps. I do my best to leave my ego out of the process in order to be most present and attentive to you and your needs.

Daniel Weiss

My story is one of a voyage with stops and starts, left turns and U-turns, and always trying to understand my place within myself and in this world. My path has been full of challenges, which have provided me with the understanding of how hard, confusing, and awful things can be, and how with support and guidance clarity and purpose can come.

I went to Cornell University and during my first year there had a terrible accident, getting hit by a car crossing the street. I was an athlete, and that was a devastating blow. In large part, it led me to choose my first career, woodworking, which appealed to my creative and practical sides.

At the same time, while recovering from my accident, I was fortunate to discover the magic of the frisbee, and a team sport called Ultimate Frisbee, which was in its infancy. (It is now growing like wildfire, all over the world.) As a pioneer of the sport, I traveled throughout America, and the world, playing, teaching, and having the good fortune to make many friends. Along the way, I got good, played with good teammates, and won 6 National and World Championships. I was even recently inducted into the Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame.

After about 13 years of creating things out of wood for people to use in their everyday lives, I longed for less interaction with my power tools, and more with other people. Having been a Psychology Major in college, I applied to Social Work school, and thus began this chapter of my life. It has been immensely rewarding, as my intellect, altruism, community spirit, and self-knowledge have all been kindled by my work with people in emotional turmoil.

Daniel Weiss

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