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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can be an invaluable tool in resurrecting your relationship when it feels stuck or going in a downward spiral. Communication can be based on fighting, and the mutual support to grow and be yourself is often buried under resentments and negative patterns or relating.

In today’s world relationships come in so many variations. Gender roles, sexual practices, family constellations, and society’s take on all of the above make for some dizzying complications, which, when added to two people trying to be partners for an extended time, often create havoc.

Throw children in the mix, and blended families, and the challenges can increase dramatically. All in all, it can be too much to know which end is up, to not be consumed with resentment and forget the generosity and forgiveness that must be a part of any successful relationship. Being a parent is a major undertaking, and being united in child-rearing practices and techniques is far from easy. Many couples experience significant communication problems around their children, who can be put in the middle of the parental struggle, only to suffer more.

Many couples intend on being parents, and find complications that prevent that from happening. Fertility is not a given, and the stigma of not being able to conceive can be earth-shattering, both individually and as a couple. A safe place to share your story and find support and common ground with your partner in that struggle can really help.

Communication is extremely difficult in the best of situations. With someone with whom you expect to understand you, it can be painful, ineffective, annoying, or nonexistent. You can feel that your partner is a complete stranger. If moods change, which they invariably do, and some depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and questions of trust arise, which often happens, the result can be catastrophic. You can quickly feel stuck in a negative spiral with little hope of or tools for change. With my help as an objective observer invested only in enabling you to get un-stuck, you can achieve a healthy relationship again.


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