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Daniel Weiss Therapy Group therapy

Group Couseling

Daniel has years of experience with group therapy, running support groups and therapy groups. Support groups are less in depth and more for mutual support to help weather a difficult situation or a generally overwhelming life event. Therapy groups are meant to be more in depth, to explore unconscious processes in the hopes of seeing significant changes in temperament, mood, functioning, and behaviors.

Group counseling can be a potent tool in our efforts to feel better, as they bring into play the elements of social interaction and the power of feedback from peers. You get to try things with others in the room, who are not professionals, but ordinary people. With the help of the group leader, group members are encouraged to safely share their stories and provide and get feedback to help each other in whatever paths have been chosen for each individual.

One particular form of group counseling that is often too taboo to speak of is that to help people dealing with fertility issues. Much shame can be associated with this often unexpected and devastating development, and the isolation one can feel is usually oppressive. With a safe place to share your story, that burden can be made a bit easier.


Eating Disorders
Marriage and Family Problems
Relationship Problems
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
BiPolar Disorder
Parenting Problems
Communication Problems

Substance Abuse
Grief and Bereavement
Life Cycle Challenges
Sexual Identity Issues
Self esteem issues
Social isolation
Panic Attacks
Social Anxiety
Family Conflict

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