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What is therapy?

It is a bit ironic to me that therapy has such a mysterious quality, when for me it is really quite simple. It is basically a conversation between you and me, a bit unusual in that it is an extended one, and yes, one you pay for, but otherwise really just a conversation. You tell me whatever you want, whatever you are comfortable telling me, and in turn I do my best to help you get from here to there (assuming there is a there you hope to get to, which I believe is usually the case. Something is not quite right, or possibly is very much so, and you want it to be better, you want to feel better.)

We work together to help you see your blind spots, which we all have, and which get in the way of our progress. I am not interested in seeing any results that are different from your desired results; I will not impose my ideas, or ways of seeing or doing things on you. Everyone is unique and different, and I take seriously the fact that we are not the same, and my respect for you and all your beliefs and ways of being is held in a sacred trust.

Many therapies and therapists have a particular focus, or are based on a particular philosophy or ideology, or use particular techniques to help you achieve your goals. While I do not disparage them, I prefer to be a bit more organic in my approach. By that I mean that in the course of our conversation, I try to understand as best as I can what you want, and to what you respond, then I try to give you my feedback in the ways that will be most effective for you. That can include LOTS of patient listening, or it might include specific advise about something, or it might involve techniques for better self-awareness, communication with a partner, or relaxation, to name just some examples. There is no one-size-fits-all.

We have come from some mysterious and bizarre practices in the field of psychotherapy, from lobotomy to lying on the couch analysis to very structured exercises, all to help us feel better, do better, be better. I prefer to keep it simple, and have a conversation with you.

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